Succesful 1st PIFI conference in Toledo!
      A big thank you to all those who participated in the Pay it Forward Internationally event at Common Space! We had a successful conference moderated by Martin Nagy, on international travel, business and volunteering issues, with guest speakers from Missions International of America, Save The Feet, Lourdes University, Bowling Green State University, The University of Toledo, as well as interventions from our 18-member European delegation of Pro Fellows from Eastern Europe.
      Thank you to all American attendees who had the chance to interact with the European delegation in a world café which enabled them to discuss different issues around the globe. The world café was followed by an Open House, where our European guests proved their “MasterChef” skills, prepared traditional dishes from their countries, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia and Hungary, and contributed to all aspects of this very successful program. It was a capacity crowd at the workshop with standing room only, followed by an even bigger crowd at the Reception with an incredible performance from the Toledo International Youth Orchestra
      Thank you Toledo International Youth Orchestra! Thank you Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson 4 Toledo for welcoming the European delegation and Toledo City Council Member Peter Ujvagi for sharing stories with all of our guests! Thank you GLC_Teach Democracy (a program of WSOS) aka Elizabeth Balint for bringing the international spIrit to Common Space Arts Council .

      Photos and videos from the event will be soon posted on our page.