Common Space Too - Hill Ave. & 10 S. Holland-Sylvania Rd. corner

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Room 101 :

Rose Garden Nursery, Roger Zielinski

Sales & Custom Design

Room 201:

Foormations Dance Studio, Connie Wojcik


Room 207 :

AVAILABLE , 23' x 33', $350 / mth

See pictures here


Room 106:


J. Mack, Art Teacher, Classes, Theme Workshops, Birthday Parties

Room 208:

Steel Magnolia Art Studio, J. Buschur

Room 108 :

Tai Chi, Becky Rahe


Room 205:

Photography Arts Studio

Joseph Veselka

Room 209:

Laverne Myers
Visual Art Creations



Available for hourly rentals

Portrait Painting Group

--Saturdays 10a-1pm

See pictures here

Room 210 :

AVAILABLE, 12' x 12' with half bath, $225/month


Available for hourly rentals

Echoes of Poland

--Thursdays 7pm-9pm

Girls Fast Pitch Softball Coaching, Tami Summers


Room 206:

Philana's Photo & Acting

Room 301, 302:

The Dance Clinic, Matt Miller



 Room 303:

AVAILABLE 10' x 10', $85/month

Rooms 305, 306:

Aegela's Studios of Ethnic Dance, Aegela Bear

Room 308:

Dance studio opening soon