The Center’s facilities are open for school tours, scout events and festivals on an arranged basis. 2017 Calendar of Events.

The annual Colonial Lost Arts Festival & Rifle Frolic May 20-21, 2017 Flyer (Registration Form) offers visitors a glimpse of life between 1600-1840 with authentic characters living life as they would have in the early Ohio. Other annual events include the: Beginners' Rendezvous, Winter Rendezvous and Pathways Women's Rendezvous.

Friday, May 19th -- "School Tour Day" added. Re-enactors that want to speak with and/or demonstrate for school children need to be set up before 9:00AM Friday.  Optional for re-enactors, sales were good for vendors and blanket traders last year.
Seasoned re-enactors and people interested to start living history welcome to camp and learn from each other.