About Seven Eagles
               Historical Education Center

The Center is located at16486 Wapakoneta Road, between the historic Victorian Village of Grand Rapids in northwest Ohio, and north of Rt. 6. The Center is an ideal outdoor living history site with its 40 acres of Black Swamp woods, two-acre pond and open meadows. The Center boasts the only site to have a 40’ Woodland Indian longhouse and 20’ wigwam, a Scottish Tavern, Trappers Lodge, Blacksmith Shop, 218 year-old Pioneer Log house, Trading Post and Marlow Education Hall in northwest Ohio. The Center’s facilities are open for school tours, scout events and festivals on an arranged basis.

School Field Trip Tours are one of our most popular activities where students come into contact with authentic characters and re-live history of early Ohio's Black Swamp Era with presentations in the Native Longhouse, Pioneer Log Home, and trapper/trader Catfish Inn.

Overnight scouting events are the second most popular activities where scouts spend one or two nights in their own lodges and do scout activities during the daytime along with some Native American and/or early newcomer activities.

The annual Colonial Lost Arts Gathering has been CANCELLED FOR July 2018.

Following on the heels of the highly successful Friends of the Old Northwest event June 20-30, 2018 with nearly 100 camps, we made the decision to take a year off from hosting the Colonial Lost Arts Gathering at Seven Eagles. We feel strongly that the CLAG event has been a great and long-running success and that success has been made possible by the many participants, instructors, staff, and volunteers who have dedicated their time, talents, and passion.

Over the next few months, we will be assessing the timeframe of events in our annual schedule as the Friends of the Old Northwest will return to Seven Eagles in June of 2019 and keep you posted.

We do not consider this to be an end by any means, but rather an important moment through which we can intentionally create the most positive and impactful outcomes possible. Thank all of you for your continued support and investment.

Other annual events include the Winter Rendezvous and the Pathways Women's Rendezvous.

Come explore the Seven Eagles EARTH Center. This unique facility offers historical, ecological, cultural, and arts experiences focusing on the 1600-1840 time period. Step back in time as historical re-enactors take you on a journey to an historic time. Some of Seven Eagles' features are: